RCA Today: Spring 2015

RCA Today shares God's transforming work in the RCA, creating connections and equipping and inspiring people to further transform their churches and communities.

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More than a Silver Lining

A 2013 tornado set off a chain of events that eventually connected two ministries in need—even though they didn’t know they needed each other. 

Between Reformation and Revolution

The Synod of Canada sent three young adults to a recent learning event for church leaders.

For the City

“I think of Jeremiah who told us to pray for the prosperity of the city,” says RCA pastor Cora Taitt of her work in New York City’s Kingdom Enterprise Zone. Taitt is working with CRC leaders in the city to plant new churches and strengthen existing ministries. 

Platform: Letting Go to Start Anew

Part of starting over is letting go with as much grace as possible. Even when we won’t see the harvest from the seeds we planted. That’s what Joanna Swart learned as she said goodbye to a people and a place she loves.

From the General Secretary: Real Transformation

Transformation is the work of Jesus Christ and comes out of our relationship with him.

Living into Transformed & Transforming: Increasing Cultural Competency

As part of Transformed & Transforming, seven churches are working to increase their “cultural competency”—the level of welcome they offer for people of cultural and ethnic backgrounds different from the majority of the congregation. 

New Synod Team Guides Churches in Transition

The regional synod’s new team approach to interim ministry brings expertise and resources together to help churches that are transitioning to a new pastor.  These churches get help managing conflict, developing leaders, assessing church health, and organizing the search for a new pastor.

Signs of the Kingdom: Like a Chickadee

Nothing holds us back like the pain in our past. If only we could be more like chickadees—amazing little birds with a gift for forgetting.

Platform: Leading for the Harvest

A foundational shift in the way their church is governed has breathed new life into a congregation in Iowa. Now leaders are responding much more effectively to people’s needs, both within and beyond the church walls.


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