Reformation Sunday Worship Resources

Celebrated on the last Sunday in October, Reformation Sunday commemorates the Protestant Reformation as well as Martin Luther, who nailed his 95 Theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517, the eve of All Saints' Day.

In 1926, General Synod voted to "designate the Sunday nearest October 31 as Reformation Day, and that pastors be urged to present the significance of that occurrence" (MSG 1926, p. 253, 257).

Worship resources from Reformed Worship magazine:

  • To God Alone Be the Glory—A responsive reading for a Reformation Day service.
  • Making Our Own Confession—This worship order includes a responsive reading and suggested songs and Scripture readings.
  • A Faithful Pastor and a Faithful Church—The outline for this service is the last in a series of four services for the weeks leading up to Reformation Sunday that point to the rediscovery of a better righteousness—a righteousness by grace, through faith, and apart from law.
  • Luther, Calvin, and the Pope Meet—This worship outline includes a drama entitled "So Close to God; So Far from Each Other" in which Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Pope Paul III discuss the Reformation.
  • Reformation Voices: Celebrating the Revival of Congregational Song—This outline for a 90-minute song service focuses on three different song styles of the Reformation: the Lutheran chorale, the Genevan psalm, and the English hymn.
  • Music for Reformation Day—This article offers suggestions on choral music appropriate for a Reformation Day service.
  • For All the Saints—This service utilizes several sixteenth-century liturgical elements, including contributions from Martin Luther, Martin Bucer, John Calvin, and Ulrich Zwingli.

Worship resources from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship:

Other resources:

Children's ministry resources:

  • children's sermon from Ruth Gilmore
  • Some congregations use Reformation Sunday as an opportunity to present children with Bibles. This frequently happens around second or third grade.