The Top 10 Questions about God and How to Respond to Them

New believers, and some who are not so new, often have lots of questions about Christianity. The Top 10 Questions about God provides biblical answers to some of their most-asked questions. Designed to engage heads, hearts, and hands and feet in transformational learning, it's appropriate to use in mentoring relationships, new-member classes, and small group settings.

From the Introduction: Do You Have Questions?

In a classroom, a student raises a hand to show that he or she has a question, presuming there is an answer. At work, a colleague drops by to ask a supervisor a question, again presuming she will receive an answer. At home, as a child is being tucked in at night, the questions abound: Can I have a drink? Can I go potty? What are we going to do tomorrow?

Questions are part of daily life; sometimes they are simple, and at other times they are filled with mystery, confusion, and bewilderment. Questions go to the depths of someone’s soul. They are formed based on a person’s life journey, and they are at the heart of many conversations.

Questions also often give us a glimpse of what is going on in the life of the person who is asking them.When a follower of Jesus Christ or someone who is just learning about the Christian walk begins to ask questions, it’s often a sign that the person is ready to go deeper in his or her spiritual journey.

The person is seeking answers that will engage the mind, heart, and hands and feet. Some answers will come through study. Others will come as the person follows and serves God daily.

Jesus reminds us that with all questions, if we seek the Spirit of God, we will be guided into truth: “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth” (John 16:13).