Aspen Wind: Partners in Prayer

AspenWind is a regular prayer newsletter from the RCA’s interim general secretary, Don Poest. He is continuing the tradition from the previous general secretary, Tom De Vries. To join the mailing list, fill out the form on the right.

When De Vries began AspenWind, he wrote about Pando, an aspen tree and the world’s largest living organism. “This grove of aspen trees—where each tree may look like an individual expression, is really a connected and singular system. Underground you discover that the trees are interconnected and nurture each other, protect each other, and reproduce together. Each is connected to the others in unforeseen ways. It is life as God created—and life as we share it. When I think of the RCA, I think of it like a grove of aspens. Each congregation like an aspen tree—an apparently individual entity—but in reality, each connected—supporting, nurturing, protecting, reproducing.

“There is something mystical, spiritual, supernatural if you have ever stood in a grove of aspens and watched the wind blow through the branches of the trees. The leaves shimmer—there is a quaking of the entire grove. It's why in Colorado and Utah they are called shimmering or quaking aspens. My prayer is that the wind of the Holy Spirit would blow through the grove of connected trees that is a single organism called the Reformed Church in America. That we would shimmer with the light of Jesus Christ, and that we would spread. That we would be united in communitas—in mission together and for a purpose—beyond community, beyond koinonia, beyond fellowship, beyond ourselves. One for the world.”