Assessing Spiritual Gifts

Every Christian—Called by God, Gifted for Ministry

This unique resource, developed around the 2001 General Synod, invites your church members, to a degree they may never have experienced before, into an active and fulfilling role in ministry. Every Christian—Called by God, Gifted for Ministry introduces the concept of spiritual gifts: the biblical promise that all are called and equipped by God to be in ministry together.

The Implementation Guide explains in more detail why and how might use Every Christian—Called by God, Gifted for Ministry. These resources can be used as part of a small group Bible study, in a retreat format, or individually administered. They are designed to raise the awareness of both current and new church members that they have a unique place in your church's ministry.

God is calling all of us to a way of living that is more fulfilling than anything we can imagine. Thank you for being open to the ways God can bless your church's mission and ministry.

Online Resources

** Thanks to the ELCA for allowing us to link to their online Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool.

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