Find old and new ways to connect people with the true reason for the season. 

Far from being just a placeholder in the congregation's structure, an elder has specific ministry

Through the offices of the church (minister of Word and sacrament, elders, deacons, and professors of theology), Christ is represented to the community of faith.

Record retention guidelines for churches.

The series is a way for congregations, using their own resources, to reach a wider audience with an account of their life and ministry over the lifespan of the congregation.

As an elder, you are responsible for sound teaching and discipline within your church, and for th

The RCA seeks to disciple all nations in the way of Christ according to mission principles that have guided the Reformed Church in its fruitful history of mission service.

Two principles are important in administering a deacons' fund: accountability and agility.

The purpose of the historical series is to communicate the church's heritage and collective memory and to reflect on our identity and mission, encouraging historical scholarship that informs both church and academia.

Resources designed for RCA churches, including the RCA logo, crest, and Transformed & Transforming logo. Others include Baptism, Membership certificates and forms, calendars, and more.

A liturgy for the commissioning of commissioned pastors.