Commissioned Pastors: Contact Information

Commissioned Pastor Regional Contacts

To learn more about commissioned pastors, contact the person listed below for your area:

Synod of the Far West
Jeff Ludington,

Synod of the Heartland
Carl Boersma,

Synod of Mid-America
Chad Schuitema,

Synod of the Mid-Atlantics
Carol Mutch, (201) 327-2057,

Synod of New York
James E. Steward II,

Commissioned Pastor Advisory Team

The General Synod Council of the Reformed Church in America has established a Commissioned Pastor Advisory Group to assist classes and regional synods as they provide training and evaluation for commissioned pastors. The advisory committee meets annually to share best practices, address common problems, and develop creative solutions. The group also makes suggestions to the General Synod Council regarding the Book of Church Order sections on the commissioned pastor and guidelines for commissioned pastors.

The Commissioned Pastor Advisory Group is comprised of one representative from each regional synod and one representative from each of the RCA seminaries. It is under the guidance of the director of RCA Ministry Services. The current members of the advisory group are:

Jeff Ludington

Synod of the Far West

Nate Bull

Synod of the Great Lakes

Carl Boersma

Synod of the Heartland

Chad Schuitema

Synod of Mid-America

Carol Mutch

Synod of the Mid-Atlantics

Tricia Leistra

Church Multiplication

Luis R. Perez

Council for Hispanic Ministries

Cor Kors

Ministerial Formation Certification Agency

Micah McCreary

New Brunswick Theological Seminary

Felix Theonugraha

Western Theological Seminary