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Resources to help a consistory fulfill its pastoral and spiritual responsibilities as the governing body of a congregation.

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Treasurers - Consistory

Protecting Vulnerable Persons from Abuse and Other Mistreatment and Protecting Resour

Elders - Deacons - Consistory

Every Christian—Called by God, Gifted for Ministry celebrates the giftedness of faithful people and invites them to find their place in ministry by identifying their God-given abilities.

Elders - Deacons - Consistory - Faith-Formation

Every Christian is called by God and gifted for ministry. These resources can help you implement a gifts-based ministry in your church.

Elders - Deacons - Consistory - Faith-Formation

A common misconception is that a congregation is built like a pyramid, with the minister at the t

Elders - Deacons - Consistory

Learn What Consistory Is

Elders - Deacons - Consistory

What does it take to be a member of the consistor

Consistory - Elders - Deacons

Since each church has unique needs and since each pastor has special gifts for ministry, it is essential that the church and candidates be involved in a process of prayerful and intentional discernment.

Elders - Deacons - Consistory