Consistory Devotions

Setting the stage for godly leadership

The consistory devotions were written by the Consistory Empowerment Team, a group of RCA members who have served as elders and deacons in their own congregations. These devotions were designed to help consistories reflect on biblical leadership as they seek to discern God's will for the churches they serve.

Here's what a few people have said about the consistory devotions:

"We have appreciated how the devotions develop their theme and questions directly out of Scripture. The questions challenge us not to answer with trite or easy answers but to address the reality of ministry--its joys and struggles. I heartily endorse the devotions and encourage all consistories to make use of them. You and your congregation and community will be blessed to be a blessing!"
—Stan Seagren, pastor of Westdale Reformed Church, Hamilton, Ontario

"The devotions help those who serve do what they do best."
—Alice Williams, elder at Grace Reformed Church, Brooklyn, New York

"The devotions are inspiring."
—Douglas Banks, pastor of Grace Reformed Church, Brooklyn, New York

"The devotions help us to understand and utilize our gifts and all the church (the body of Christ) to have the right people in the right places as they serve in ministry."
—Sharon Atkins, pastor of Mansion of God, Brooklyn, New York

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