Creation Care

Creation Care & Worship

Through worship, we—among other things—give honor to God. And in the midst of our worship, the Holy Spirit—among other things—transforms us into God’s own image. There are many faithful and creative ways to blend care of God’s world into our worship services. The resources below can assist with liturgies, prayers, sermons, and music.

Creation Care & Education

Congregations, families, and individuals can all benefit and be blessed through increased discussions about our human responsibilities to care for God’s creation. Discussions can occur informally, like around meals, and formally, like with planned educational series. Part of the discussions can be centered on the Bible, while others can engage articles, critical questions, current events, and other important resources.

Biblical passages for discussion:

  •  Psalm 24:1, Genesis 2:15, Genesis 1:26-29.
    • Questions:
      • Why is it imperative to be clear in our hearts and minds that all creation belongs to God?
      • Imagine what the original readers of these passages might have understood them to mean. What might concepts like “to fill,” “to subdue,” or “to have dominion over” have meant regarding human connection to God’s earth?
  • John 3:16 (the world = kosmos or ‘universal’), Colossians 1:15-20 (the earth is part of Jesus’ work).
    • Questions:
      • What does the incarnation mean when you think about it beyond that context of the human community?
      • Jesus came that we might have “abundant life.” What does that mean? How much of creation is to live abundantly?
  • Genesis 2:7, Psalm 104.
    • Questions:
      • Can you think of a time when your feeling of connectedness to creation impacted your spirituality?
      • Do you feel led by the Spirit to make a care of creation impact on your congregation? What about your local community? What are you doing now? What do you hope you might do?
  • Questions for small group discussion:
    • Of the terms environment, climate change, and global warming, which are you most concerned and/or passionate about and why?
    • Psalm 24:1 states: “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it.” Share what that means to you.
    • If the statement “all of creation belongs to God” is a fact, then how should we treat the earth?
    • Give one example of how you take care of the earth. What more could you do?
    • Share your feelings about the topic of care of creation, then share what can you do to honor your feelings and learn more about the topic?
    • If your church could save $5,000–$10,000 each year in its energy and water bills by becoming more energy efficient, what would you like to see the savings put towards?
    • Name one care of creation topic that your family and/or church should discuss and why.
    • What steps could you take to encourage your church to talk more about caring for creation?
    • What are the spiritual or economic benefits of addressing environmental questions/issues? What does your congregation have to gain or lose by having those discussions?
    • How can congregational leaders dialogue with children and young adults about the environment and what we should protect in it? What should churches do with their discussion findings?
    • Discuss one step that your church has taken to be stewards of God’s creation. What does that mean for you?
    • Of the following, which are practical reasons to give care to creation and why? Reduce pollution, response to a biblical mandate, medical problems, financial stewardship, climate change, reducing utility bills.

Creation Care & Facilities

Caring for creation in our church facilities and our homes is a crucial lifestyle matter. Many of us can afford to waste less energy, generate less pollution, reduce carbon footprints, and transfer saved funds from reduced utility and water costs to other vital ministry priorities. All of these are spiritual responses to God’s call on the church to steward God’s world.


Creation Care & Outreach

One priority action is to discover and learn about care of creation matters prevalent in your community or locality. Other care of creation matters have national, international, and global ramifications. Find out who is active in the matters you or your congregation identify as important, learn more about what they are doing, and add your voice. Contact the RCA Office of Advocacy at if you desire assistance with your search.


Take Action

This section will be updated periodically to keep current issues before you.