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Learn about the role of elders, who ensure that each person in a congregation is nurtured through Scripture, worship, the sacraments, and prayer.


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How could your church’s ministry be enhanced if your elders and deacons were trained to be active

Elders - Deacons - Leadership

Some frequently asked questions about the role of elder.

Elders - Leadership

Check here for answers to the questions we hear the most.

Consistory - Elders

Elders are an important people in an RCA congregation. I've known this for a long time.

Elders - Leadership

When visiting those who are sick or dying, the important thing is how you listen, rather than wha

Elders - Leadership

In a Reformed Church the ministry of elders involves ministry to the ministers and involves both

Elders - Leadership

An entire chapter in the Book of Church Order (BCO) is entitled "The Disciplinary and Ju

Elders - Leadership

The place to begin is with elders themselves.

Elders - Leadership

"Catechumenate" is a theological word for a process for bringing adults into faith in Christ and

Elders - Leadership