Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost (Year B)

Sentences, adapted from Psalm 45

To you, Lord God, we raise our song of love.
Our heart overflows with your wondrous praise.
Your throne, O God, endures forever and ever.
Your royal scepter is one of justice and equity.
The Lord loves righteousness and hates wickedness.
The Lord anoints his people with gladness and beauty.
We shall enter your presence with joy and dignity.
We shall cause your name to be celebrated in all generations.
Praise the Lord! Forevermore, praise the Lord!

Call to Confession, adapted from Psalm 15:1

The Lord has called us to ascend his holy mountain and dwell with him on his holy hill. 
Come, let us purify ourselves from our iniquities and honor God with fear and thankfulness.

Prayer of Confession

Everlasting Savior,
You are the one our hearts long for. 
Yet we have sought so many others and gone such different ways.
We are sorry for that our hearts have become hardened to
Those whom you love,
That which you have redeemed, and
All you have longed to reconcile.
We repent from the sins that have consumed our minds.
Lord, hear our prayer. 
Fill us with your tenderness,
Shower us with your mercies, and
Nurse us back to spiritual health
For the sake of your son, Jesus Christ.

Assurance of Pardon, from Psalm 14:2, 5

"Those who walk blamelessly and do what is right,
And speak the truth from their heart...
Those who do these things shall never be moved."

Prayer for Illumination

Lord of love,
You have offered us pictures of your mercy, stories of your justice, and memories of your peace.
Come to us now and grant us the grace and opportunity to share your good news. In the name of Son, Spirit, and Creator,

Hymns and Songs of Praise Suggestions

"O Lord, You're Beautiful"
"Wonderful, Merciful Savior"
"Beautiful One"
"Father, I Adore You"

Written by Katherine Lee Baker