At Home with the Word

Daily Bible readings from the Revised Common Lectionary (2017-2018)

"Cultivating transformation in Christ" is one of the three pillars of the RCA's new denominational goal, Transformed & Transforming. One of the ways we have committed to cultivating this transformation is by developing passionate disciples filled with the Holy Spirit and the truth of the Word who effectively make followers of Jesus who live and love like him.

God's Word is rich with encouragement, insight, instruction, and inspiration! As we read it regularly, in submission to the Holy Spirit's guidance and with openness to being transformed in the process, it becomes a vital means for our growth as disciples of Jesus Christ.

These readings are part of a regular rotation that was designed long ago, a lectionary cycle. Even so, you will be surprised how frequently the reading of the day will be exactly what you need to hear at that particular time. God's Word is alive and dynamic like that!

Because the lectionary cycle covers a three-year period, you will be exposed to enough variety to provide you with "the whole counsel of Scripture." Even when a particular reading's relevance may not be readily apparent, as the passages are experienced over time, a clearer sense of God's interaction with human lives and with all of creation comes into view. Scripture reveals to us God's redemptive action and desire for us to participate in the work of God's kingdom.

These readings, drawn from the next Sunday’s lessons, are good preparation for worship in churches that use the lectionary for Sunday worship. Readings are given for Mondays through Saturdays. Weeks with special days, such as New Year’s, Ash Wednesday, or Thanksgiving, have some readings that aren’t part of the Sunday’s lessons. If Sunday reading is desired, any of the lessons may be repeated.

Download: At Home with the Word (2017-2018)