Hymns for Advent and Christmas

Based on the Common Lectionary

Martin Luther is quoted as having advocated singing in church, "He (sic) who sings, prays twice."

Like prayer, the reading and proclaiming of the Word of God found in the scriptures is an important part of Christian worship.

The hymns and songs offered in this collection are to enable congregations to hear and proclaim the assigned readings for the Sundays from Christ the King through the end of the Christmas season "twice".

Let all of us who gather and sing during Advent and Christmas, proclaim the mighty works of God as found in the Word of God.

Year C

Year B

Year A

All documents above are PDFs and were created by David Alexander.

David Alexander is a graduate of New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Since 1982 he has served with his wife, Charlene, as an RCA missionary in Taiwan.