Sabbaticals for Pastors

What is a sabbatical?

A sabbatical is a time to focus in-depth on things that are important to a person's work and life with the church. Sabbaticals for pastors are highly recommended in order to renew the calling and creativity of our spiritual leaders. Such sabbaticals should include intentional times for reflection, rekindling the spirit, and deepening spiritual life and family relationships.

Why should churches give their pastor a sabbatical?

A congregation should arrange for a pastor's sabbatical because it's biblical, and because both the pastor and the church need it. The sabbatical year practiced by the Hebrew people was the final year in a cycle of seven years (Leviticus 25:3-4). It was also a time when the Hebrew people had the opportunity to renew their trust in God as the provider of all of their needs, even during the time when they did not labor.

After a pastor has served a congregation for five years or more, they have a tendency to take God and one another for granted, often falling into frustrating patterns rather than finding a faithful and creative future. A sabbatical for the pastor can provide time to focus on reading, writing, preaching, and prayer, and forces members to exercise their ministries for the good of one another and the gospel.

How do you start planning for a sabbatical?

Sabbatical planning should include the church as well as the pastor. Some churches have found that forming a sabbatical committee is a good way to work together. Here are some suggested guidelines for fruitful sabbaticals:

  • Each installed pastor should be encouraged to negotiate an appropriate sabbatical leave with the consistory every five years.

  • The length of the sabbatical leave may vary. A length of two to four months ought to be given serious consideration.

  • During a sabbatical, salary and benefits should continue to be paid as during normal service.

  • Unusual expenses incurred during a sabbatical leave (cost of tuition, travel, etc.) are the responsibility of the minister, who may choose to use funds set aside for continuing education if the consistory agrees that this is appropriate.

  • Provision for sabbatical leaves should be included in the consistory's call to the minister. Appropriate provision in the annual budget should be made to ensure that when a plan for a sabbatical is agreed upon, the funds for adjunct pastoral assistance (as needed) are available.
--Adapted from Minutes of General Synod 1987, pp. 203-204

Additional Resources

Is it time for you to start thinking about and planning a sabbatical? The following resources will provide additional information to help you develop a sabbatical plan and possibly ways to fund that plan.