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Information and resources about various leadership roles in the church, including elders, deacons, and commissioned pastors.

When visiting those who are sick or dying, the important thing is how you listen, rather than wha

Elders - Leadership

In a Reformed Church the ministry of elders involves ministry to the ministers and involves both

Elders - Leadership

An entire chapter in the Book of Church Order (BCO) is entitled "The Disciplinary and Ju

Elders - Leadership

The place to begin is with elders themselves.

Elders - Leadership

"Catechumenate" is a theological word for a process for bringing adults into faith in Christ and

Elders - Leadership

Far from being just a placeholder in the congregation's structure, an elder has specific ministry

Elders - Leadership

Through the offices of the church (minister of Word and sacrament, elders, deacons, and professors of theology), Christ is represented to the community of faith.

Elders - Leadership

As an elder, you are responsible for sound teaching and discipline within your church, and for th

Leadership - Elders - Deacons

Two principles are important in administering a deacons' fund: accountability and agility.

Deacons - Leadership - Treasurers

A liturgy for the commissioning of commissioned pastors.

Leadership - Worship