Litany of Supplication

O Lord, we are undone. We are frightened, alone, angry, unsure, fragile,

Hear us, O Lord.

From all that threatens what is precious: our families, our communities, our friends, our values,

Save us, O Lord.

From grief that overwhelms us at the loss of those dear, grief at the death of our fellow citizens, and grief for an innocence we cannot recover,

Save us, O Lord.

From enemies we do not understand and who wish to harm us,

Save us, O Lord.

From cynicism and despair, from anger and lust for retribution, from self-righteousness and easy conscience,

Save us, O Lord.

From loss of faith, where we no longer trust in your love, but give ourselves over to the rages of our heart and our world,

Save us, O Lord.

Come to us, abide with us. We cannot live save but with you. Come to us, O Lord, Emmanuel.



How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?
How long must I bear pain in my soul,
And have sorrow in my heart all day long?
How long shall my enemy be exalted over me?

Consider and answer me, O Lord my God!
Give light to my eyes, or I will sleep the sleep of death,
And my enemy will say, "I have prevailed";
My foes will rejoice because I am shaken

But I trusted in your steadfast love;
My heart shall rejoice in your salvation,
I will sing to the Lord,
Because he has dealt bountifully with me.
(Psalm 13)

Litany written by the Rev. Al Janssen, pastor of the Community (Reformed) Church in Glen Rock, New Jersey.