Based on John 15:1-9, this station-based worship experience will give worshipers an opportunity to reflect on what it means to abide with God. 

Based on Psalm 32, this station-based worship experience will help worshipers reflect on God’s forgiveness. Display the appropriate verse(s) and worship instructions at each station. 

Create a bag of scented “anointing spices” filled with pieces of cloth sprinkled with anointing oil. 

This station-based worship experience will help worshipers try to imagine what Jesus was feeling before he died. Each station represents an event from his final hours.

Gather around an Advent wreath for a simple, at-home service to help prepare for Christmas Day. You can take turns doing the readings and lighting the candles.

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A time-honored and effective way for being transformed by the scriptures is through Scripture Mem

Adele Ahlberg Calhoun defines this important spiritual practice: Simplicity cultivates the great

Lectio Divina is an ancient spiritual practice from the Christian monastic tradition.