Bible Study Suggestions

Your mission trip experience will be much richer if you are intentional about the spiritual dimensions of your journey. You can weave spiritual reflection into your days through group and personal devotion time.

Personal devotions

Set aside time each day for people to spend alone with God. This time can be used to reflect on what you talked about in group devotions, pray for the day ahead, journal, or read a devotion book. Here are a few questions to help spur personal reflection:                                                                                      

  1. What are my thoughts and feelings about what I did today and where I saw God at work?
  2. In whom did I see Christ today?
  3. How was I changed today?
  4. How will I bring what I experienced today home with me to share it?
  5. How was I challenged today? Did I overcome the challenge?
  6. Did God teach me anything today?
  7. How can I be Christ to someone today?
  8. Where is God calling me to minister at this worksite?
  9. How can I use my God-given gifts and talents to serve at this worksite?
  10. Is there a way that I can disciple or help someone at this worksite, even if it only in a short conversation?

Group devotions

A brief morning devotion time as a group can help to focus the day and bring the group together. This could be as simple as a verse and prayer or a word of encouragement and prayer. It works best to do a longer, more in-depth group devotion time in the evening.

Begin your nightly devotions with a time of sharing. Encourage group members to talk about God sightings, challenges, and things they learned during the day.

Follow your time of sharing by diving into the Word. You can use a ready-made Bible study or pick out your own verses to study. Ask your group how the night’s passage speaks to them as individuals. The most powerful Bible study experiences are usually personal.

Consider using music as part of devotions as well. If someone in your group can play guitar, have them bring a guitar with them to play worship songs. Otherwise, you can always play songs on your phone and sing along.

End devotions with prayer.

Recommended devotionals

RCA eight-day devotional guide for short-term missions

Christian Reformed Church in North America ten-day devotional guide for missions teams

Experience (Mission Trip Devotions & Journals) by Christ in Youth

Do/Love/Walk journal [] by Frank Nelson

My Heart - Christ’s Home  by Robert Boyd Munger

Suggested verses for DIY devotions: Psalm 46:10, Hebrews 11, Romans 8:28, Exodus 14:14, Philippians 2:3-5, Mark 10:43-45, Luke 10:27, John 16:13, Luke 11:28, 1 Kings 19:11-13, Isaiah 30:19-22