Domestic Travel Guidelines

Keep these guidelines in mind for a safe mission trip within the United States or Canada.

General guidelines

  • Do not carry large amounts of money around.
  • Leave jewelry at home and store your camera in your bag when not using it.
  • Always stay in groups or with a buddy, and check with your host or leaders before you go anywhere.
  • If you take prescription medications, carry them in their original, labeled containers.
  • Carry a copy of your emergency contacts with you. Give your group leaders a copy as well.
  • Communicate health needs to your team leader. This includes everything from simple allergies to complex medical conditions.
  • Make sure you have signed medical release forms with you.
  • If you will be using cell phones on your trip, exchange numbers with everyone in the group.
  • Have someone in the group always carry a first aid kit.

Guidelines for air travel

  • Be at the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight for check-in.
  • Check the TSA website for up-to-date security guidelines.
  • Check with your airline before you travel to see what its luggage policies are.
  • If you aren’t sure whether you’re allowed to put an item in your carry-on luggage, pack it in your checked baggage. Always pack prescription medications in your carry-on.
  • Travel light.
  • We recommend booking air travel through a travel agent. If you need assistance with finding one, email

Guidelines for ground travel

  • Drive in vans instead of cars. They carry more people.
  • Take a GPS in each van.
  • If you need to rent vans, see if you can rent or borrow them from other Christian organizations in your area.

What domestic travel tips have worked well for your church? Email them to us at