Fundraising for your Trip

Many people find fundraising intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! There are so many creative and easy ways to raise money for your mission trip. Try a few of the ideas below.

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Auction: Hold an auction with items that you have either made or received as donations.

Balloon raffle: Place numbered pieces of paper in balloons. Sell the balloons for $10 each, giving each buyer a raffle ticket with the number inside their balloon. Pop a balloon for each available prize and read off the winning numbers.

Exercise/Zumba night: Find an exercise or Zumba instructor who will donate their time to lead a class. Charge an entrance fee.

Game night: Invite friends to play games and sell tickets for the event.

Murder mystery party: Invite guests to piece together clues to solve a murder. Add to the fun with costumes and props! Charge people to attend. You can purchase murder mystery party kits.

Pancake breakfast: Have an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast and ask for donations.

Restaurant night: Ask a local restaurant to donate a percentage of its earnings for an evening to your group. Encourage friends and family to eat there that night.

5K run: Charge an entrance fee. Provide t-shirts, refreshments, and local entertainment.


Bingo night: Charge a small entrance fee to earn money for your trip. Ask people or businesses to donate small, non-cash prizes to award the bingo winners.

Candy jar guessing game: Have people at church or work guess the number of pieces of candy in a jar. Charge for each guess they make.

Chili cook-off: Charge a participation fee to chili cooks and sell bowls of chili to customers to raise money for your trip. Put together a panel of judges to crown the top chili maker.

Chocolate dessert competition: Have people sign up to make their best chocolate dessert. Charge $5 at the door for the privilege of tasting the desserts. Award prizes donated by local businesses to the best desserts.

Dodgeball tournament: Charge an entrance fee to play.


Dinner service: Sell dinners on a Friday night. Schedule pick-up from 4:00–6:00 p.m., so people can get their dinner on the way home from work. You could make deliveries for an additional fee.

Flower delivery: Deliver flowers to people around Valentine’s Day for a fee.

Gift wrapping: Partner with a local store or mall to wrap gifts for a nominal fee at Christmastime. Have a local store or church members donate the gift wrap.

Service board: Have church members post odd jobs or service projects on a bulletin board for members of your group to do. They pay a set fee for your services.

Unconventional “asks”

Collection boxes: Set out handmade collection boxes around your church. People can take them to their places of employment or put their donations in the boxes right at church.

Envelope gifts: Number envelopes 1 to 50. Have people pick one of the envelopes and return it the next week with the corresponding dollar amount inside. This can raise up to $1,347.

Pink flamingo fundraiser: Place a pink flamingo lawn ornament (or a “flock” of pink flamingos) in a person’s yard. Leave behind a note explaining your fundraiser and asking for a donation. If the person donates, they get to plant the flamingo or flock of flamingos in another person’s yard. You can include a printed list of church members and addresses.

Reverse offering: Put slips of paper listing items that you need for your trip in an offering plate (work gloves, snack, tape measure, etc.). Have people draw a slip out of the offering plate and donate whatever item is listed on the slip.

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