Keeping Track of Donations

Keeping track of the donations your team receives to support your trip is important. You should keep a record not only of donations to your team as a whole, but also donations to individual team members. Encourage your team to keep track of the donations as well. This helps keep everyone accountable.

Here are a few suggestions for maintaining an accurate record of your team’s finances.

  • Before you create your own donation management system, see if you can tap into the system your church uses for managing donations.
  • Consider tracking information like team member details, overall budgets, flight costs, and thank-you notes sent.
  • Use different tracking tools for tracking different details of your trip.
  • Use Microsoft Excel and Google Docs to easily track information about both individual team members and the group as a whole.
  • It is helpful to designate one person as supervisor of your management system.
  • Give these online management tools a try for a monthly fee:

Managed Missions
Missions Connex