RCA Leadership Collaboratives

Leadership does not happen in isolation. It involves followers. Jesus himself had 12 disciples, as well as crowds of 4,000 and 5,000 who were part of his ministry on earth.

Leadership development does not happen in isolation either. It requires community, connection, and commitment. It means embarking on a journey with others who can help equip and encourage you in your growth as a leader.

RCA leadership collaboratives are gatherings of eight to twelve leaders who commit to grow as spiritual leaders and use their ministry context as an environment for expanding their leadership capacity.

Leadership collaboratives focus on three significant areas:

  • Personal leadership: At the heart of leadership is the ability to lead one’s own life. All leaders must first learn to lead themselves before leading others. Personal leadership addresses spirituality, obedience, life focus, physicality, and personal growth.
  • Organizational leadership: Every leader must exercise the competencies of leadership. Leadership skills can be learned and developed as one grows as a leader. Organizational leadership includes trust, vision casting, decision making, developing people, embracing change, and execution.
  • Reproducing leadership: The point is not to accumulate more followers but to develop more leaders. Leaders raise up more leaders for the harvest. Reproducing leadership focuses on content and character development, growing competencies, systems thinking, coaching, and creating community.

A leadership collaborative provides a place to gather regularly with other leaders, a community to learn and grow, and a peer coach who can help you to think more deeply about leadership and grow as a leader.

The following material was developed specifically for leadership collaboratives. It has been field-tested with both emerging and established leaders, who have grown in leadership capacity and competency. Now it’s yours to use to run a leadership development process that addresses personal, organizational, and reproductive leadership.

Leadership collaboratives offer flexibility based on your time frame and context. But please ensure at least a two-day in-person gathering, regular connections (either face to face or via technology), and monthly peer coaching. These times of learning, growth, and relationship building are key.

Email leadershipcollaborative@rca.org for input or help with designing a leadership collaborative.


Leadership Collaborative Year 1 complete
Leadership Collaborative Year 1 complete


Leadership Collaborative Year 2 complete
Leadership Collaborative Year 2 complete


Leadership Collaborative Year 3 complete
Leadership Collaborative Year 3 complete