Second Sunday in Lent (Year B)


Creator God, our hope is in you and our faith is made complete by your promises. 
You appeared to your servant Abram long ago and you appear to us today. 
Lord of mercy, our eternity is in your hands and our praise is yours alone. 
Dominion belongs to you, O Lord; all nations are ruled by your throne.

We wait for you, our Savior, and we cry for you to answer. 
We fall on our faces and we hear your endless warmth. 
Abraham received a son and we receive your only Son. 
All the earth shall praise your name! 
We remember the Lord and turn to him, for he has raised us from the dust.

Reflections from Genesis 17 and Psalm 22

Call to Confession

The Lord said to Abraham, "This is my covenant, which you shall keep, between me and you and your offspring after you." 
And as Abraham always gave his first fruits, may we continue to give ours 
wholeheartedly and pure-heartedly.

Adapted from Genesis 17:10

Prayer of Confession

Forgiving Lord, 
We have fallen short time and time again. 
You have given us your word, both in scripture and in Son, 
you have promised us your presence, both in Spirit and in community, 
and you have graced us with your kingdom, both in teaching and in service. 
Even so, we neglect, ignore, and reject your purposes for us. 
We do not love what you love. 
We do not embrace what you embrace. 
We do not defend what you have called us to defend. 
Have mercy on us, o God of all ages past and all hope for years to come. 
Forgive us for what we do and what we fail to do. 
And with your gifts, promises, and grace, continue working in our lives 
that we might receive full life in Jesus Christ, now and forevermore. 

Assurance of Pardon

The Lord hears us and the Lord delivers us. 
The Lord grants to us all we need. 
To God be all praise and glory. Amen.

Prayer for Illumination

God of certainty and Lord of all generations, 
You are the Christ, the Suffering Servant and the Risen One! 
Turn to us, rebuke us, and set our mind not on human things but on things divine. 

Suggested Hymns and Songs of Praise

"What Wondrous Love Is This" 
"The God of Abraham Praise" 
"Today We Are Called to Be Disciples"

by Katherine Lee Baker, M.Div.