Generosity Strategies & Tactics

Generosity Strategies & Tactics is an ongoing series of articles and podcast episodes created by Leadership Network to equip pastors and church leaders to create cultures of generosity in their congregations.

In the podcast, Chris Willard, director of Leadership Network’s Generosity initiatives, talks with pastors and leaders at the cutting edge of the generosity movement in today’s church. You’ll learn great ideas and proven strategies from leading churches who have figured out how to accelerate generosity, stewardship, and giving. Listen to these lively discussions on how to develop effective strategies to create a culture of generosity in your church.

The articles summarize the podcast episodes and give you quick access to the material.

Senior Pastor’s Unique Role in Building Culture of Generosity

Senior pastors play an important role in creating a generous culture. Learn four ways to develop that culture in your congregation.

How to Use the Offering to Build a Culture of Generosity, Part 1

Don’t stop passing the plate. How the offering is talked about and received during a worship service is key to increasing generosity.

Giving Metrics That Tell a Church’s Generosity Story

Three key metrics can help you understand giving in your congregation, support people who are already giving, and encourage people who are not yet giving.

How to Use the Offering to Build a Culture of Generosity, Part 2

Keep passing the plate. Here are more ways that the offering can build a culture of generosity in your church.

Myths About Millennials and Giving

You might assume that millennials don’t give much. But that’s just not the case.

Keeping a Generosity Initiative Alive Long-Term

Running a multiyear capital campaign? Here are three tips for keeping generosity going.