Christmas Worship Stations

This station-based worship experience will enable worshipers to reflect deeply on the circumstances of Jesus’ birth.

This worship experience is based on the song “Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)” by Amy Grant and Chris Eaton. To have permission to reproduce the lyrics for each station, your congregation must have a CCLI license.

The non-italicized portions of text under each station (except station 5, because the volunteers will be guiding that station) are instructions for the worshiper. You can have the text displayed at the proper station, or you can have a paper guide for each worshiper with instructions for all of the stations.

Keep the room fairly dim. You can use electric candles or night lights to provide some light. “Breath of Heaven” should be playing quietly, over and over, in the background.

Station 1

Have the first verse of “Breath of Heaven” displayed at this station. Emphasize the second half of the verse.

Instructions: Think back to a time when you were burdened by something difficult that God called you to do. What did you do? Did you obey? If you did not, take this time to ask for God’s forgiveness. If you did obey, reflect on what you went through at that time. Spend time in prayer thanking God for choosing you to walk that path and for giving you the strength to walk it.

Have a path marked for worshipers to walk to get to the second station, symbolizing the difficult, lonely path that Mary had to walk. Have a small card with the lyrics to the second verse of the song at station 1 for each worshiper to take, read, and ponder while they walk the path to the second station.

Station 2

The second verse of the song should be displayed here. You can also provide prayer beads to aid in contemplative prayer. To make simple prayer beads, string some wooden beads on a length of twine or hemp and tie the ends together to form a circle.

Instructions: Repeat the prayer, “Be with me now,” for several minutes. Rub the prayer beads while you repeat the prayer. The kinetic motion will help you focus more deeply.

Station 3

The chorus of the song should be displayed at this station. Have an area marked on the floor for people to kneel to pray. Point a small space heater at the spot worshipers will be kneeling. The warm air is evocative of the breath of God. There should also be a candle here to symbolize God’s light in the darkness. A battery-powered candle is best because it can’t be accidentally blown out or tipped over.

Instructions: Here you will do a “body prayer.” If you are able, kneel in the marked area, wrap your arms around yourself, and pray this prayer:

Jesus, I am nothing without you. Even when my world is falling apart, you are there and in control. Please, just hold me now.

Station 4

The third verse of the song should be displayed here. You’ll also need a table and chairs with paper, paint, and brushes.

Instructions: At this station you will worship through art. Use the supplies provided to express what this verse says to you. Are you offering all that you are to Jesus right now? Pour all of your emotions and worship into your painting. The painting can be abstract if you’d like. This is a time for you to ponder and pray about these words and to let them be expressed in your painting.

Station 5

The chorus of the song should be displayed again at this station. You’ll need a volunteer (or several volunteers, depending upon how many people you expect will be worshiping) at this station who will pray over and anoint each worshiper. There should also be another space heater and battery-powered candle.

The volunteer(s) should first pray over each worshiper. Worshipers may ask for prayer in specific areas if they wish. If someone has not claimed Jesus Christ as Lord, the volunteer can lead him or her in a prayer of acceptance.

After prayer, the volunteer can anoint the worshiper, saying, “God is pouring over you his holiness, for you are a holy child of God through the great news of Jesus Christ.”

After the fifth station, worshipers may spend however long they would like at either or both of the remaining two stations.

Station 6

Have air-drying clay on a table.

Instructions: Use the clay to mold something as an act of worship and love toward God—something that you are feeling right now or something that God spoke to you during your time alone with him.

Station 7

Have a table and some chairs set up, and provide paper and writing utensils so that people can express their worship in writing.

Instructions: Journaling can be a very meaningful way to worship. Here you can journal prayers, thoughts, or anything else you feel led to write.

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