Worship Toolkit: Transformed & Transforming

Resources for RCA pastors and congregations

In 2013, General Synod delegates voted to implement a new 15-year ministry plan for the RCA, called Transformed & Transforming. Now that the initiatives for Transformed & Transforming are well underway, you may be wondering how best to incorporate this vision into your worship services.

It is our hope that this Transformed & Transforming worship toolkit helps to fill that need. The resources provided here are offered as gifts to you from RCA pastors and congregations. They represent the varied worship experiences in RCA churches. You will find a variety of resources for you either to use as written in your church or to spark your imagination as you put together your own worship series or Bible study. 

Available here for your use are:

Worship liturgies

We have prepared these liturgies as a four-week series, with each week focusing on one aspect of Transformed & Transforming: transformation, discipleship, leadership, and missional engagement. You will find one liturgy series offered for churches with a traditional style of worship, one series for churches with a contemporary style, and one series for churches whose style of worship blends traditional and contemporary elements. Each liturgy series offers four weeks’ worth of scripture passages, songs, orders of worship, and sermon suggestions.

  • Liturgies for a traditional style of worship: Word doc, PDF
  • Liturgies for a contemporary style of worship: Word doc, PDF
  • Liturgies for a blended style of worship: Word doc, PDF

Devotions, prayers, and litanies

These materials were created by the delegates and leaders at General Synod 2013. They demonstrate the variety of ways that God spoke to delegates at that time; they also express celebration and hope for the new ministry goals of Transformed & Transforming.


Four RCA pastors from distinctly different ministry contexts have generously provided these sermons inspired by Transformed & Transforming. The sermons retain their personal nature and reflect the life of the congregations and communities from which they emerged. It is our hope that that they will spark your imagination as you take up the challenge to preach on Transformed & Transforming in your ministry setting.

Bible study

This 13-week Bible study on transformation can be used in conjunction with a worship series on Transformed & Transforming or in a variety of other adult discipleship settings.

Additional litanies

This set of three litanies, composed by RCA chaplain Lisa Tice, reflect the spirit and themes of Transformed & Transforming, but work well in a variety of worship contexts.

We hope that these resources prove to be useful to you and your congregation as you join with other RCA congregations in living and loving like Jesus.