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Worship resources for congregations—litanies, liturgies, suggestions for observing holidays and special occasions, and more.

The Solemn Reproaches are an ancient text of western Christendom associated with Good Friday

Lent - Seasonal - Worship

A Maundy Thursday service idea

Worship - Children - Lent - Communion

A liturgical resource for Maundy Thursday

Worship - Lent - Seasonal

A liturgical resource for Palm/Passion Sunday: Year C

Lent - Worship - Seasonal

A liturgical resource for Palm Sunday (Year B)

Worship - Lent - Seasonal

Guidelines and resources for elders, families, and congregations to encourage the participation of baptized children in the Lord’s supper.

Children - Communion - Worship

A liturgical resource for Palm/Passion Sunday (Year A)

Worship - Lent - Seasonal

These resources address the theological and procedural questions concering baptized children participating in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

Children - Communion - Worship

An overview of the context and themes of the Belhar Confession.

Creeds-Confessions - Worship

An alternative Easter hunt that includes symbols of Holy Week and Easter rather than baskets, bunnies, chocolates, and eggs.

Worship - Seasonal - Easter