Rowland Jr. & Jane Van Es

About Rowland Jr. & Jane Van Es

Students and faculty cluster in conversation, warm cups of chai and mandazi pastries in hand after the morning’s energetic chapel service. Their tea comes from the fields surrounding St. Paul’s University in the misty, cool town of Limuru, Kenya, a short drive up into the hills northwest of Nairobi. Soon, students and professors alike will bustle along to class where they strive to be “servants of God and humanity,” as the university’s motto says.

It’s here that Rowland and Jane Van Es spend their days instructing young adults in theology, business, and social sciences, seeking to equip their students for lives of service in the world. Some may go into vocational ministry while others may start businesses, pursue higher degrees in counseling, or teach like the Van Eses do. Rowland and Jane’s goal is to mentor them to walk in the steps of Christ, whatever their path.

Location: Kenya

Videos of Rowland Jr. & Jane Van Es

Rowland and Jane Van Es give an update on their ministry at St. Paul's University in Kenya, Africa.
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