Sidewalk Sunday School

About Sidewalk Sunday School

Every Saturday, a basketball court in the bustling Davao City, Philippines is cleared of the usual cars, bikes, and wooden stalls to make space for 200+ excited children. Surrounded by houses, the concrete space welcomes the searing heat of the open sun, but it doesn’t keep them away. The children who often live in the urban slum areas flock to this space each week for Sidewalk Sunday School. They're excited about singing, skits, and games and the fun is always woven in with a lesson focused on God’s love and truth. A simple snack is also included. This is a small way to meet a need for children who otherwise might go hungry.

Since 2013, Melody Joy Milloren has lead the Sidewalk Sunday School ministry. She’s seen how their focus on preparing the younger generation to love and serve the Lord not only is growing them up in the faith but is also reaching their families and communities, too—thousands at a time. The ministry also provides opportunities for their staff and teenage and young adult volunteers to cultivate and practice their gifts in music, dance, and leadership—learning from church leaders the value of actively serving in ministry.

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