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MFCA: The Preparation for Ministry Process



Individual(s) Responsible

Applicant is active member of sponsoring congregation and responds to a sense of call (for at least one year)

Initiated by applicant or congregation

Applicant meets with consistory; the consistory discerns the candidate's call and qualifications and decides whether or not to recommend to classis

Initiated by applicant / assisted by pastor / elder

Consistory makes recommendation to appropriate classis committee

Initiated by clerk of consistory

Classis committee interviews applicant and makes recommendation to classis

Initiated by classis committee chairperson

Applicant accepted as a candidate under care and supervision of classis

Committee chair person presents recommendation to classis executive

Classis makes application for Certificate of Fitness for Ministry with RCA seminary or MFCA

Candidate completes Form V and the classis Stated Clerk signs the form and sends it to the RCA seminary or MFCA

The RCA seminary or MFCA sees the candidate through its certification process; a minimum of 24 months (RCSC)

The classis continues the care process and evaluates candidate progress in keeping with the Book of Church Order (BCO 1.II.8.6)

During the final year, candidate for a "promise of a call," given the provisional license has been granted

Upon successful progress, provisional license granted by classis for final year.

Upon successful completion, the Certificate of Fitness for Ministry is awarded by RCA seminary or MFCA

The RCA seminary or MFCA sends the certificate to candidate and letter of verification to classis clerk


Classis examines the candidate for licensure and ordination (4 exams)

Call extended and accepted

Calling church and classis extending call

Ordination and Installation

Sponsoring classis or new classis from which the call originates

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