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Our Reformed Church
General Synod Council

Although these bodies which we have mentioned are the official governing bodies of the church, it has been found expedient in the life of the church to have other groups charged with various aspects of the general work of the church. For many years these were supervised by individual boards such as those of foreign mission, domestic mission, education, and so on, and then through the work of the General Program Council. It has been found a better policy to combine the oversight of both program and policy in one large board known as the General Synod Council. While its policies and budgets are set by the General Synod, the General Synod Council is charged with responsibility for carrying out the numerous missionary and educational tasks in which the Reformed Church is involved. These tasks include but are not limited to: the world mission of the Reformed Church; nurturing local congregations in education, worship, social witness, and evangelism; planning and organizing new congregations and supporting those congregations which are struggling; celebrating the gifts of urban and small churches and the contributions of the racial/ethnic communities within our denomination; providing education and nurture through our three colleges and two seminaries as well as our camps and conference centers; sharing the gifts and concerns of women through the Office of Women; and the contribution of all of our members in the pages of our denominational magazine, the Church Herald .

As you can sense, the General Synod Council is not an agency or authority in itself, but simply an instrument, an arm, which the church finds efficient in carrying out its work. It is made up of ministers and elders chosen from the General Synod, all serving for a designated term of office. To provide continuity, there is a staff of permanent executives to direct the ministry under the leadership of the general secretary of the Reformed Church in America.

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