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Coach: Noreen Williams-Gibbs 

Coach background and bio:
My work in ministry and my secular job in social services have afforded an extensive opportunity to utilize what I came to recognize as coaching skills. Throughout those years I served as a mentor and coach to many in their lives and ministries.

I was initially trained as a coach with the RCA. In the process of that training, I felt led to go further. I made a commitment to be professionally trained. In 2008 I received my certification to coach professionally.

What being coached has meant to me:
Coaching affords me a safe, sacred, confidential space to process life's celebrations and challenges. It creates an opportunity for me to discern the Holy Spirit leading in the areas of my life in which I am seeking direction. Coaching guides, motivates, and supports me and holds me accountable so I can stay focused on my divine purpose and established goals.

Work background:
Prior to receiving the call to full-time ministry I worked in the field of social work for 15 years. In 2007 I resigned my position and devoted myself full-time to the call I received to serve in the ministry as a coach. I started my ministry, Christ-Centered Coaching and Equipping Ministries, in 2008.

Family information:
I am married to Brian Gibbs, and we reside in New York.

Reading the Bible and other introspective books, listening to contemporary Christian music and jazz, singing, dancing, traveling, and participating in group and discussions that facilitate change and promote growth.

My coaching experience:
Since 2008 I have professionally coached many pastors and leaders in the U.S. and internationally. I use coaching when engaging in group discussions and teaching. Further, I use my coaching skills in my daily conversations. I have been coached by four superb coaches.

I am passionate about coaching because:
It is an excellent tool that effects positive changes in people’s lives. I appreciate the inherent incarnational principle that governs the coaching process and allows the coachee to find his or her unique responses to his or her unique situation or needs. Further, I appreciate the powerful difference coaching makes in the life and ministry of those who are open to it.

What people I coach say about my coaching:

"Your work is truly lovely and it is of God. You are indeed a great blessing in the household of God. I am very grateful to God for that wonderful coaching."

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