On Friday evening, General Synod celebrated 10 new congregations that have organized as RCA churches over the last year. Leaders from eight of the churches were present to receive plaques.

“Right before our eyes, Jesus is doing good work, and you’re all a part of it,” said Tim Vink, RCA coordinator of church multiplication.

Leaders from the new churches shared stories of transformation from their congregations. Jeremy Dowsett from Blacksoil in Lansing, Michigan, shared the story of Rose. “I know that God can make real change, because he did in my life,” she told him a week after prayer with an elder gave her a powerful new perspective on a long-term struggle.

“Liberti Church simply would not exist without all the praying and the wisdom and the help we have gotten from all of you,” said Jared Ayers, pastor of Liberti Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people whose lives have been changed because you have been willing to follow Christ in mission in new ways in a changing world. On their behalf, I want to say thank you.”
The RCA has planted 300 new congregations in the last decade. Organizing as an RCA church formalizes ties of relationship and accountability. It empowers elected leaders, who are ordained to the ministry of elder and deacon, and encourages ongoing leadership development because of a rotation of leadership. It gives the new church full participation in governance at classis, regional synod, and General Synod.
In its second year after organizing, a new church begins to support the work of the denomination through assessments, starting with a contribution of 20 percent of a full assessment and increasing to full support by the church’s fifth year.

These are the new churches recognized at synod:

Lansing, Michigan
Organized May 5, 2013

All Souls Church of Boulder
Boulder, Colorado
Organized June 1, 2013

Peace Reformed Church
Sioux City, Iowa
Organized June 2, 2013

Grace Gospel Christian Church
San Mateo, California
Organized August 4, 2013

Liberti Center-City
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Organized October 27, 2013

Rock Hills
San Antonio, Texas
Organized February 27, 2014

Grace Lahu Christian Church
Visalia, California
Organized March 23, 2014

Covenant Grace
Winchester, California
Organized March 25, 2014

Emmaus Church
Redlands, California
Organized March 25, 2014

The R.O.C.K.
Los Angeles, California
Organized March 25, 2014