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The Reformed Church in America (RCA) is pleased to welcome Tony Schmid as its new chief financial officer (CFO). Schmid steps into this role after months of vacancy following former-CFO Jillisa Teitsma’s move to Calvin University last fall. With this hiring, Lisa Stover, director of finance and facilities, now completes her work as interim CFO and returns full-time to her regular responsibilities.

“I’m grateful for the work that Lisa did for us as interim CFO,” says general secretary Eddy Alemán. “She did a great job leading the finance department and helping us to craft a three-year plan to have a balanced budget.”

Schmid began work as CFO on April 22. He brings a strong background in financial management and efficiency and strategic leadership, in addition to a passion for the furthering of God’s kingdom. Schmid’s past experience includes chief operating officer for SpringHill Camps, chief executive officer and chief operating officer for Choice Schools Associates, and director of operations at Deksia, a marketing agency.

“I’ve worked in ministry for 16 years, and living in that world allowed me to have a lot of conversations around faith,” says Schmid. “It’s advancing the kingdom and sharing the gospel—that’s what the RCA is about as well. That shared goal is what excites me.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to step into this new role at the RCA,” he adds. “I am eager to build relationships with the team and foster trust that will propel us forward in realizing the RCA’s mission and vision.”

As CFO, Schmid also serves on the General Synod Council (GSC) staff’s Strategic Leadership Team.

“I’m excited to have Tony joining the Strategic Leadership Team at this time. I believe he is the right person for the job,” says Alemán. “His love for Jesus and his church as well as his past experience in non-profit organizations qualifies him for the position. He has successfully led finance departments in organizations in transition and that’s where we are at this moment in the life and ministry of the RCA. I ask you to keep Tony and the rest of the RCA staff in your prayers.”

Schmid’s tenure at SpringHill Camps began around the time he was pursuing his master’s in education. SpringHill provided the opportunity for Schmid to be a teacher outside a classroom, facilitating experiential learning, creating memories, and building relationships. The fulfillment in working with teens and young adults in sharing the gospel kept him there for years.

After the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic—overseeing HR and risk management and making tough budget decisions—Schmid sensed it was time to take a break from ministry and explore opportunities in the for-profit world. That space allowed him to refocus on his relationship with the Lord and on his family, he says.

Now, with excitement, he’s ready to turn over the leaf and return to ministry.

“I’ve had a calling to get back into ministry,” says Schmid. “I love to connect my personal and spiritual beliefs with my professional goals and aspirations.”

Those aspirations include helping introduce and implement strategic alignment, ensuring effective fund management, and producing optimal financial outcomes.

“Having worked extensively with ministries and churches across the Midwest, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the unique financial needs and challenges faced by faith-based organizations,” says Schmid. “I am committed to representing the RCA as its chief financial officer and treasurer—ensuring compliance with established financial policies and legal requirements; thinking strategically, creatively, and innovatively; and working with a team to accomplish the mission of the RCA.”

“We are living in an important time of adjustment in many different ways. The recommendations of the restructuring team that General Synod will be discussing in June are a testimony of the necessary adjustments needed in the denomination,” says Alemán. “Tony’s role is an extremely important one in that he will help us make the necessary adjustments to the budget for the future work of the RCA. I look forward to working with him as the next CFO.”

In an upcoming special Zoom meeting, the GSC, acting as the executive committee of the General Synod, will vote to appoint Schmid as interim CFO and treasurer so that he can fulfill his responsibilities during the time between the beginning of his employment and the 2024 stated session of the General Synod in June, when the General Synod can officially appoint him as its treasurer.

As treasurer of the General Synod, Schmid will also serve as treasurer of the GSC, the Church Growth Fund, the Board of Benefits Services, and the Ministerial Formation Certification Agency.