Managua or rural Nicaragua

Consejo de Iglesias Evangélicas Pro-Alianza Denominacional (the Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua)

CEPAD, a partner organization of the RCA, is a dynamic, community-focused organization that partners with 40-50 communities at a time over the span of five years. It works with each community on agriculture development, leadership training, and faith-based education. In each community the designated project is developed for long-term success by determining the needs and existing resources, and using those things to drive CEPAD’s work and goals.

Experience the beauty of this unique culture as you develop relationships with the people of Nicaragua. CEPAD exists to support vulnerable communities in Nicaragua and has been working in emergency relief, rural development, pastoral development, and peace-building for more than 40 years. You will have an opportunity to support this mission as you serve alongside members of the community.


Opportunity type: 
Volunteer opportunities: 

Volunteer groups will work side-by-side with community members and engage in mutual mission relationships.

A typical program includes:

  • Listening to presentations on the history of Nicaragua and the current political-economic situation
  • A tour of Managua
  • Learning about (and possibly observing) the development work of CEPAD and other organizations
  • Visiting the countryside where team participants share meals and life with local families
  • Working side-by-side with community members
  • Enjoying a “tour day” to visit some of Nicaragua’s sites of natural beauty, historic interests, and shopping

In Managua, volunteers stay in the Nehemiah Guest House and Conference Center. The guest house, which is operated by CEPAD, is staffed with a cook and has a sleeping capacity of 60 people. Each room holds 4-6 people with bathrooms, typically shared with other rooms.

In rural communities, volunteers frequently stay in homes with families using a bed or a sleeping pad. There are outdoor latrines and “dip-and-pour” showers. 

Another option is to stay together as a group in the communities, usually sleeping in a school, church, or community building.

Group size: 
Group size - maximum: 
Cost notes: 

The current cost for CEPAD volunteers depends on the size of the group. The costs listed below are what most groups pay and are based on spending three nights in the guest house and the rest in rural communities. Costs may vary for groups that stay in Managua for a longer time or incur hotel costs. The RCA Volunteer Engagement staff will help determine costs for your group with you as far in advance as possible.

  • Groups of more than 13: $90 per person, per night
  • Groups of 10–12: $95 per person, per night
  • Groups of 7–9: $100 per person, per night

All meals are included in the housing costs, both at the guest house in Managua and in Nicaraguan homes in rural communities and small towns. These costs include all housing, transportation, and coordination for teams. You will travel with one to three CEPAD staff, who will facilitate the trip and interpret for your team.

Nearest airport: 

Managua International Airport

Free day suggestions: 

Take a day to visit some of Nicaragua’s sites of natural beauty and historic interest, or do some shopping.

Contact information: 

For more information, contact the Volunteer Engagement Program staff.

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