Tent of Nations

Palestine & Israel
Nahalin, Bethlehem, West Bank

Located outside Bethlehem in the West Bank, Tent of Nations helps build bridges of peace between Israelis and Palestinians by preaching nonviolence and living out what it means to refuse to be enemies. They bring cultures together from around the world to develop understanding and promote mutual respect.

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Volunteer opportunities: 

Tent of Nations is seeking 4-25 short-term volunteers between June 18 and July 1, and four long-term volunteers to serve year-round.

When volunteering at the Tent of Nations, use your gifts and talents by working on their animal farm, assisting with construction needs, lending a helping hand in the gift shop or cafeteria, or helping out with the farming and harvesting (in season). Harvesting opportunities include almonds, grapes, figs, olives, and more. There are many volunteer opportunities on site—please connect with the Volunteer Engagement office for a more detailed list and explanation of work.

Volunteers will work a five-day work week, consisting of eight-hour work days. Your day will start with a shared breakfast with other volunteers. Most of the daytime work will be spent on the farm, with breaks for tea and lunch. The work day comes to a close around 4:00 or 5:00 p.m.

During the nights, volunteers are encouraged to spend time with other volunteers around a campfire, playing games and swapping stories. Volunteers are also encouraged to share their musical talents. If you have an instrument, bring it along!

To learn more, download this brochure.


Volunteers will stay in a large, marquee tent. Living at the farm will be very simple because they are not allowed to be connected to running water or electricity. Tent of Nations does have electricity through solar panels, but it is to be used sparingly. Similarly, they collect rainwater, which should be managed closely as well. Volunteers will use composting toilets and be able to use solar-heated showers on sunny days.

Cost notes: 

Expect to pay $70-$100 per week for short visits (less than one month), and $170-$200 per month for longer visits (more than one month). Food is provided and prepared by the Nassar family and is included in the cost.

Packing suggestions: 

You will need to pack strong shoes, a torch light, working clothes (including working gloves if possible), sunscreen, a sun hat, and a sleeping bag.

The weather in the winter is normally cold and often windy. Volunteers are encouraged to pack warm clothes, gloves, a hat, and a rain jacket in winter months.

Free day suggestions: 

Volunteers will have the opportunity to travel to many Holy Land sites, such as the ancient city of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee, and more.


Volunteers need to have graduated from high school and be at least 18 years old, unless you volunteer as a family unit.

Contact information: 

For more information, contact the Short-Term Mission staff. 

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