Ahuas, Honduras

Ahuas, Honduras

High mountains, coffee trees, bananas, sugar cane fields, African palms and tropical fruit characterize the country of Honduras in the heart of Central America. The RCA partners with the Evangelical Moravian Church in Honduras, which has played a vital role in shaping the Christian church in Honduras.

Partner ministry: 
Moravian Hospital (Clínica Evangélica Morava), Evangelical Moravian Church in Honduras (Iglesia Evangélica Morava)
Opportunity type: 
Volunteer opportunities: 

Medical volunteers (both general and specialty medicine) are needed to support the work of this 20-bed hospital. Volunteers will reach Ahuas by outboard motorboat or small plane. Primary care physicians, specialists (e.g., surgeons, gynecologists, dentists, ophthalmologists, and chiropractors), nurses, medical students, pre-med students, and nursing students are all needed. Volunteers with experience in construction, maintenance, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and painting work are also needed to supplement the work of local staff.

“To come alongside the ‘least of these’ is a no-brainer, based on the instruction of Jesus in Matthew 25. He’s called us to live and love like he does. But for seven people from New Era, Michigan (and now everyone they know as they bring the stories home!), the knowing just got real. The vision and mission of the clinic was so clear—to bring both compassion and excellence in meeting the physical need for health care in Ahuas to all the surrounding villages, thereby opening the door to share the good news of Jesus, in word and deed.”

–Susan from New Era Reformed Church in New Era, Michigan



Volunteers stay in the guest house, which comes equipped with beds and pillows, sheets, mosquito netting, towels, and indoor bathrooms. Meals are prepared and served for volunteers in the mission house. Volunteers eat with administrative and medical staff who live in the mission house.

Group size: 
Group size - maximum: 
Cost notes: 

Project costs range from $500 to $10,000. The cost of room and board is $13 per day, per person.

Free day suggestions: 

Volunteers can take a tractor visit to the village of Krupunta (approximately 30 minutes away), a boat visit to the village of Waxma (approximately two hours away), or a hike to the Patuca River landing (approximately one hour away).



Translators can be provided for medical professionals, but medical and nursing students must speak Spanish. 

Contact information: 

For more information, contact volunteer@rca.org.

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