Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church

Dulce, New Mexico

Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church is located on the Jicarilla Apache reservation in Dulce, New Mexico. Many people in Dulce struggle with family situations that lead to behavioral problems, unhealthy life choices, and difficulty committing to God. Volunteers can come alongside this church and see lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ in this Native American community.

Partner ministry: 
Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church
Opportunity type: 
Volunteer opportunities: 

Volunteer teams are needed to help with AWANA camps during the month of June, leading activities, games, and Bible studies. Help is also needed for community projects, including home repairs and yard work for older residents. All groups will have the opportunity to learn about the culture and life on the reservation, and issues affecting the Jicarilla Apaches.


Sleep in the gym, men in one space and women in another, or in classrooms in the church building. Bathrooms and showers are available on site. Volunteers will need to bring air mattresses or cots. Some groups set up tents or campers in the backyard. Groups will prepare their own meals in the church kitchen. A local grocery store is available in town.

Group size: 
Group size - maximum: 
Cost notes: 

Lodging at the church, including breakfast, is provided at no charge. Groups are responsible to cover all other costs related to food and travel.

Groups are also asked to cover the cost of a simple lunch for the children at AWANA camps.

Nearest airport: 

Albuquerque (3 hours away), Durango (2 hours away)


Group size:

  • For AWANA camp, 12 to 20 volunteers.
  • For community projects, 3 to 12 volunteers.
  • For AWANA camp plus community projects, the maximum is 30 volunteers.
Contact information: 

For more information, contact shortterm@rca.org.

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