Manning, South Carolina

Manning, South Carolina

Storms and flooding hit many parts of South Carolina in October 2015, and a year later Hurricane Matthew caused additional damage. The rebuilding process is ongoing.

Partner ministry: 
World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS)
Opportunity type: 
Disaster Response
Volunteer opportunities: 

Volunteers are needed from January 14 - April 7, 2018. Groups typically serve for one week, but you may volunteer for a longer or shorter period of time as your schedule allows. The primary work focus will be on drywall, trim, and flooring in houses and mobile homes with flood damage. In some cases, foundations or piers may need work. There will be a World Renew DRS facilitator on site who will coordinate your work projects.


There is no cost for housing or meals on site. Your group will stay at the Emmanuel Baptist Church of Manning, South Carolina. There is a separate building that includes a small gym, kitchen, youth room, and multiple classrooms on the second level for sleeping. A dozen double-size mattresses are available, but groups of more than 12 should plan to bring some of their own cots and air mattresses. The DRS facilitators will be in communication with your group leader ahead of time to discuss how meals will be coordinated and prepared. One bathroom and shower will be available for men and one for women.


Cost notes: 

World Renew has received a grant from South Carolina which is meant to encourage volunteers to come help. This grant covers your accommodations and food at this site. Your group is responsible for travel costs (fuel, hotels, and meals during travel).


Packing suggestions: 

Please bring sleeping bags, pillows, towels, and toiletries. A general packing list can be found on page nine of Preparing to Serve, a guide compiled by World Renew DRS. Materials and basic tools are provided and coordinated by the local construction coordinator. Skilled tradesmen are encouraged to bring their own tools if possible. This should be discussed with the local site coordinator during the planning process.


Age 14 and older. Groups that include youth under 18 must have an appropriate adult-to-youth ratio and adults who are able to supervise youth for work projects. It is helpful to have a couple of people with construction experience in your group, but this is not required. The local construction coordinator will provide guidance on work projects.

Contact information: 

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