Tarboro, North Carolina

Tarboro, North Carolina

In early October 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated many communities in North Carolina. Some areas were still under water two weeks after the hurricane. World Renew Disaster Reponse Services (DRS) volunteers are helping residents of Tarboro, North Carolina, recover. 

Partner ministry: 
World Renew Disaster Response Services
Opportunity type: 
Disaster Response
Volunteer opportunities: 

You can serve as a member of a reconstruction team to help bring hope to families impacted by this disaster. Team roles include:

  • Construction crew: Work may include minor repairs, complete new builds, all-home repair, and reconstruction work. People with home repair or reconstruction experience and people who can act as helpers are needed.
  • Cook crew: A team of three cooks plans and prepares three meals a day for 18 to 25 people, Monday through Friday. People with experience in preparing meals for groups and people willing to help in the kitchen are needed.

You will work with 18 to 25 other adults from across North America. Each team has an on-site manager who manages the day-to-day operations of the team and the worksite, as well as a construction supervisor who manages the work projects. World Renew DRS provides fully equipped tool trailers. Materials are provided by the local partnering recovery group at each location.


Housing and kitchen facilities are at a former county facility. Bedrooms are provided for couples. Individuals of the same gender may share rooms. Linens and towels are provided. There are common areas where you can spend free time. 

Cost notes: 

There is no cost associated with lodging or meals from Monday through Friday. The cost of travel within the U.S. and Canada is as follows:

  • If you volunteer for the full three-week assignment, you are reimbursed for most of your transportation costs to and from the site.
  • If you volunteer for two weeks, you are reimbursed for travel one way to the site.
  • If you volunteer for one week, all travel costs are your responsibility.
Packing suggestions: 

Please bring sleeping bags, pillows, towels, and toiletries. A general packing list can be found on page 9 of Preparing to Serve, a guide compiled by World Renew DRS. Materials and basic tools are provided and coordinated by the local construction coordinator. Skilled tradesmen are encouraged to bring their own tools if possible. This should be discussed with the local site coordinator during the planning process. 


18 years of age and up. People with construction experience and people who can act as helpers are needed. The World Renew DRS volunteer manager puts each team together with a balance of skill sets.

Contact information: 

For more information, contact volunteer@rca.org

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