Wayne & Miho Jansen

About Wayne & Miho Jansen

Tokyo Union Theological Seminary (TUTS) trains pastors for congregations of the United Church of Christ in Japan (Kyodan). As a homeroom teacher for the freshman class, Wayne Jansen gets to know newcomers to the seminary and provides pastoral care for them through their time at TUTS. He also works with the seminary’s Clinical Pastoral Education program. Miho Jansen has a degree in linguistics and has taught English in Japan and Japanese at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Miho teaches English part-time at a Christian high school, helps the faculty and staff translate articles and documents, and often entertains students and church members at home. Miho and Wayne met at a worship service at Yokohama Union Church in 1986. They have twin sons, Manato Thomas and Megumu David.

Wayne serves in partnership with the United Church of Christ in Japan.

Location: Japan


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