On Saturday, June 10, delegates requested that the RCA discuss the future of the denomination “in light of our current state of contention and division.” The recommendation calls for the discussion to take place at the next stated meeting of the General Synod Council and of each classis and regional synod.

These three questions will be part of the discussion:

  1. How do we understand the biblical calling to live together in a unity of fellowship and love for one another?
  2. Are we willing to see the Reformed Church in America embark on a serious division, and what is our part in bringing reconciliation and restoration?
  3. What do we believe is God’s intended future for the Reformed Church in America?

The rest of the discussion’s structure will be developed by the interim general secretary, in consultation with the General Synod Council, regional executives, and a small group of pastors and elders. The group that prepares the discussion will include diversity in age, sexual and gender identities, and race/ethnicity. 

General secretary Tom De Vries proposed this discussion in his report on Friday. A number of overtures called for intentional discussion about the future of the RCA as well. Delegates took part in their own discussion with these questions on Friday after hearing an address on “convicted civility” from Richard Mouw

A summary of the conversations that take place will be reported back to General Synod 2018. 

Delegates also urged every church in the RCA to use the three-part video series and discussion guide on the RCA website entitled, “A Light to My Path: Interpreting Scripture as Reformed Christians.” The videos and accompanying discussion guide are intended to help RCA members understand the nature, purpose, and authority of Scripture.