Yakuv Gurung

About Yakuv Gurung

Two church planters trudge up a dusty Nepali road under the scorching sun. They are tired, but their faces are bright as they seek opportunities to share the gospel. Fewer than two percent of the 29 million people in Nepal are Christian, and of the 90,000 Nepali-speaking people in the U.S., about 90 percent are either Hindu or Buddhist.

Yakuv Gurung is called to train and raise local leaders and church planters to reach the Nepali-speaking people in Nepal and the U.S. Yakuv works with RCA partner Jibit Asha International (JAI) and local planters in Nepal to make strategies to reach their communities. The goal is to plant 50 churches in the next five years in Nepal and to form a Reformed network of churches affiliated with the RCA in the U.S.

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