Jesse Tree Advent Devotions

These devotions (available to read online via our sister website, are inspired by the Jesse Tree tradition. Jesse Tree is a way of journeying through Advent that traces the lineage of Jesus. Jesse Tree is rooted in Isaiah 11, which compares Jesus to a shoot sprouting from the stump of the tree of his ancestor Jesse. It reminds us that the coming of Jesus was long prophesied. In the stories of Jesus's ancestors, we can hear echoes of his own life, death, and resurrection. 

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Jesse Tree Devotions and Scripture Readings

If you start the devotions after November 27, we still recommend reading the devotion for November 27 first. Then you can skip ahead to the devotion for the current date.


November 27: The Jesse Tree

Scripture reading: Isaiah 11:1-2


November 28: Habakkuk and the Watch Tower

Scripture reading: Habakkuk 2:1-4


November 29: Adam and Eve

Scripture reading: Genesis 1:26-31


November 30: The Fall

Scripture reading: Genesis 3:1-24


December 1: Noah's Ark

Scripture reading: Genesis 6:11-14Genesis 7:17-8:3Genesis 9:8-13


December 2: The Promised Land

Scripture reading: Genesis 12:1-7


December 3: God's Promise to Abraham

Scripture reading: Genesis 15:1-6


December 4: Sacrificing Isaac

Scripture reading: Genesis 22:1-14


December 5: Jacob's Dream

Scripture reading: Genesis 28:10-22


December 6: The Story of Joseph

Scripture reading: Genesis 37:1-36


December 7: The 10 Commandments

Scripture reading: Deuteronomy 5:1-22


December 8: Rahab

Scripture reading: Joshua 2:1-21


December 9: Ruth and Boaz

Scripture reading: Ruth 3:1-4:12


December 10: David, An Unlikely King

Scripture reading: 1 Samuel 16:1-15


December 11: Shepherd to King

Scripture reading: 2 Samuel 5:1-5


December 12: More Than a Temple

Scripture reading: 1 Kings 5:51 Kings 6


December 13: God's Triumph over Baal

Scripture reading: 1 Kings 18:17-2436-39


December 14: Esther's Bold Faith

Scripture reading: Esther 4


December 15: The Promise of Light

Scripture reading: Isaiah 9:2-7


December 16: The Wolf and Lamb

Scripture reading: Isaiah 11:6-9


December 17: Jonah and the...Sackcloth?

Scripture reading: Jonah 3:1-5


December 18: Into the Lions' Den

Scripture reading: Daniel 6


December 19: Born in Bethlehem

Scripture reading: Micah 5:1-5


December 20: Zechariah's Gift of Silence

Scripture reading: Luke 1:5-25


December 21: John the Baptist

Scripture reading: Matthew 3:1-6


December 22: Mary's Unexpected Gift

Scripture reading: Luke 1:26-38


December 23: Joseph's Honor

Scripture reading: Matthew 1:18-25


December 24: Journey to Bethlehem

Scripture reading: Luke 2:1-5


December 25: Jesus Is Born

Scripture reading: Luke 2:6-21


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