General Synod Professors

The RCA from its beginning has recognized “General Synod professor” (formerly referred to as “professor of theology”) as one of the four offices of the church. (The others are minister of Word and sacrament, elder, and deacon.)

According to the Book of Church Order, the office of General Synod professor serves to prepare and certify candidates for the ministry of Word and sacrament, as part of the work of the two RCA seminaries and the Ministerial Formation Certification Agency. It also has a “ministry of teaching within the RCA as a whole.” In fulfilling both of these roles, the professors meet collectively as the “professorate.”

General Synod Professors

The Rev. Carol M. Bechtel, Ph.D.

The Rev. James V. Brownson, Ph.D.

The Rev. Jaeseung Cha, Ph.D., Th.M.

The Rev. Micah McCreary, Ph.D., LCP

The Rev. Chad T. Pierce, Ph.D.