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Church Renewal Ministry Support

Tools and support to help your church thrive

Vibrant, faithful churches don’t appear out of thin air. In fact, church membership is on the decline in North America. But the RCA believes that churches can and do change. We believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit, God renews individuals and congregations so that they can, in turn, participate in renewing their communities and the world.

Developing a healthy congregational culture takes effort. Loving God and loving others—both within the church and beyond—is a slow, steady process of learning. That learning happens at an individual and a corporate level. But when it does, the transformation is beautiful.

Processes for church renewal and helping ministry thrive

While there are many ways to help your congregation experience renewal and thrive, here are a few church renewal opportunities we recommend for RCA churches.

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Churches Learning Change

Churches Learning Change (CLC) is a process of deep personal and congregational transformation for the purpose of contributing spiritually and emotionally healthy churches that are working for community and world renewal. (CLC was formerly called Ridder Church Renewal.)

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Vibrant Congregations

Vibrant Congregations is an initiative of the RCA and CRC to develop more and better congregations that faithfully and creatively participate in God’s mission in the world. The initiative helps churches discover the best process for renewing their congregation.

Take a fresh step in ministry.

Congregational Vitality Pathways

This process helps your church make the decision to move forward and become a “healthy missional church.” A “healthy church” means a church that is pursuing Christ. A “missional church” means a church that is pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world.

Encouraging Thriving Congregations Learning Community

Join with other churches in a communal learning process designed to help you build an empowering culture of leadership development, discipleship, and missional engagement. This opportunity is focused on the particular gifts and contributions of churches with 75 worshipers or less.

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Resources for church renewal

How can churches defy the statistics and thrive rather than die out? Revitalizing a church requires a willingness to face the facts and a healthy dose of innovation. North American culture has changed, and so must churches. Read more about why churches are dying and how your church can embrace innovation.