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The Church Growth Fund

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Loans for RCA churches

The CGF offers affordable, competitive interest rates. We are able to structure loans with flexible terms that are compatible and meet the financial needs and conditions of each individual borrower.

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Saving certificates

As a source of funding for loans, the CGF sells interest bearing investments called savings certificates. See rate sheet.

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Created to support churches and the RCA

What is the Church Growth Fund?

The Church Growth Fund (CGF) is a nonprofit corporation that makes affordable-rate loans to RCA churches and related agencies for the purchase, construction, and improvement of buildings and other properties used in their ministries. The CGF has been serving RCA congregations for more than 60 years and functions under the supervision of the RCA General Synod. Income generated by loan interested is used to help fund RCA grants and scholarships.

How the CGF works


Investors buy savings certificates

Savings certificate investors receive a favorable rate of return and the satisfaction of knowing their money is being used by the CGF to make building loans to RCA churches.

The CGF loans to RCA churches

Funds from savings certificates are used by the CGF to make loans to RCA churches at affordable rates and on favorable terms, enabling congregations to have buildings that enhance and expand ministry.

The CGF contributes to RCA ministry grants

Interest paid by churches on their loans generates earnings that allows the CGF to make contributions to the RCA for ministry grants.

American Reformed Church
Orange City, Iowa


Statement of Financial Condition as of September 30, 2018

Cash and cash equivalents $2,679,376
Investments 16,586,507
Investments in the RCA Endowment Fund 612,269
Interest receivable 136,042
Loans 60,523,803
Allowance for doubtful loans (1,700,000)
Total Assets  $78,837,997
Savings Certificates  $33,329,999
Other 105,527
Total Liabilities 33,435,526
NET ASSETS 45,402,471

Statement of Activities

Loan interest $2,460,951
Investment income 482,753
Interest expense (588,051)
Net interest income $2,355,653
Net investment gains (losses) (104,899)
Other income 37,362
Total revenue $2,288,116
Operating expenses (680,591)
Revenue in excess of expenses 1,607,525
Grants to denomination (786,000)
Change in net assets $821,525


1854: The Church Building Fund is established to help churches construct facilities.
1861: The fund makes its first loan – $400 to First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church (now Central Reformed) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
1958: General Synod establishes the Reformed Church in America Extension Foundation, Inc. to issue debt securities to raise funds for loans to local churches.
1966: The first series of debt securities (CGF Savings Certificates) for the extension fund mature – $212,900 of the $229,600 in matured funds is reinvested.
1993: General Synod approves the merger of the Church Building Fund and the Extension Fund into a single new entity, the Building and Extension Fund.
1998: The Building and Extension Fund board approves making annual contributions to the denomination to support RCA church multiplication.
1999: The first Building and Extension Fund contribution is made to the denomination for church multiplication in the amount of $200,000.
2007: The Building and Extension Fund adopts a new name – the Church Growth Fund – to better reflect its mission.
2011: The Church Growth Fund reaches $50 million in assets for the first time in its history and contributes a record $414,000 to the RCA for church multiplication and church plant grants.
2014: The Church Growth Fund begins contributing a portion of its earnings to help fund scholarships for youth and young adults to engage in mission experiences.

Iglesia del Redentor
Brooklyn, New York

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