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Equipping your church

How Can We Help Your Church Thrive?

You don’t have to figure this out on your own.

Our goal: To see God making disciples, growing leaders, spreading Christ’s love, and enfolding all generations in every church and ministry.

Our equipping churches team is dedicated to supporting you in your ministry. For us, there’s nothing better than walking alongside you and your church, helping you take your next step toward fulfilling God’s vision for your ministry.

What questions keep you up at night?

Church leaders ask many questions. How do we build an intergenerational church? What can we do to improve mental health? How can my church be part of building a healthier neighborhood? How can we help people feel more comfortable sharing their faith stories? What does it mean for us to stand against human trafficking in our city? How do we empower new leaders in our church to serve with the ones who have been leading us for years?

You know the questions your church is asking—questions tied to where you are, what your congregation and neighbors are like, what makes you tick, what God is telling you.

You’re asking the questions. Now let’s work together on finding some answers. 

Get the support you need to take your next step:


Discover how your church can intentionally help people become more like Jesus and draw closer to God.


Grow your own leadership and learn how to foster the leadership gifts of others in your church. 

Church Renewal

Change is hard for churches. Get support and learn about processes to help your church journey into the future God has planned for you. 

Women’s Transformation and Leadership

Help your church fully include and cultivate the gifts of women. Plus, discover a supportive community and learning opportunities for women in leadership. 

Local Mission and Community Ministry

Reimagine what mission looks like in your own neighborhood and community.

Short-Term Mission

Explore mission trips and volunteer opportunities for both groups and individual volunteers of all ages. 

Disability and Accessibility

Become a church where people of all abilities belong and serve.

Next Generation Engagement

Foster ministry that engages more meaningfully with Generation Z and Millennials, inviting the next generation into leadership, discipleship, and mission. 


To pursue unity in Christ through addressing matters like creation care, hunger, racial justice, mass incarceration, or poverty.

Not ready to dive in yet or looking for something else?

Explore our collection of digital resources on Faithward, our online platform for all-things faith and church.