Women’s Transformation and Leadership

Building God’s Church Together

Women and men working together to become “a fellowship of congregations in which all women are equipped and empowered to fully exercise their gifts in the life, ministry, mission, and offices of the church.”

She Is Called • Ella es Llamada

Women on the move, in the movement of the Spirit.

This is us. This is our ministry: Women’s Transformation and Leadership. A ministry that has a strong legacy, rooted in RCA women’s ministries and mission work and over 40 years of ordained leadership. To God be the glory!

Women on the move, in the movement of the Spirit. From Michigan to New York, from California to Canada, and well beyond—we are God’s beloved daughters seeking God’s will for our lives and embracing our gloriously diverse callings. We are stepping up with courage and holy boldness to be equipped for ministry, alongside each other and our brothers, in a world that longs to experience Christ’s love, peace, and liberation.

Women on the move, in the movement of the Spirit. Faithful, fearless women and girls called by God for just such a time as this, walking in the footsteps of Esther, Deborah, and Rahab, of Sarah and Hagar, Ruth and Naomi, and Mary and Elizabeth, of Phoebe, Junia, and Lydia.

It is in this spirit of purpose and joyful expectancy that we celebrate how RCA women continue this legacy today through the #sheiscalled campaign. The #sheiscalled campaign raises up the ways in which RCA women, and in fact all sisters in Christ, are living out their callings today, honors the legacy they follow, and looks forward to the ways women and girls will continue to lead us in the future.

Supporting women's call to ministry
Ruth Langkamp and Jael Serrano posing in She Is Called t-shirts at an RCA event for mission

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Resources and opportunities for growth and support

She Is Called

Leadership Collaboratives

Grow your leadership gifts in community
She Is Called

Women of the Bible Study

A nine-session Bible study exploring stories about women from the Bible

Building God’s Church Together

Discover how to create a trusting and healthy ministry environment where men and women can serve together

We Are Speaking

A call to the church to end harassment, abuse, and sexual violence against women and girls

About Women's Transformation and Leadership

History of women in the RCA

Women have made vital contributions to the Reformed Church in America (RCA) throughout its nearly 400-year history.

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Theological resources

Resources by, for, and about women in the church

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Voices of women

A space for RCA Women and our ecumenical sisters to share our stories, wisdom and inspiration.

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Upcoming events

Women in Ministry Sunday

May 17, 2020

Did you know Women in Ministry Sunday is May 17, 2020. We are in the process of creating resources to share with you and your congregation as you celebrate the gifts of women in your midst. Whether you celebrate Women in Ministry Sunday every year, or whether this is the first time you’ve heard about it, we hope these resources will help your congregations equip, empower, and elevate the gifted and called women in your midst.

Meet our team

Rev. Liz Testa

Coordinator for Women’s Transformation and Leadership


Lesley Mazzotta

Women’s Transformation and Leadership Specialist


Lorraine Parker

Administrative Assistant for Women’s Transformation and Leadership


This initiative is part of Transformed & Transforming, the RCA's 15-year vision for ministry.
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